Our partners

NextGen works with partners across design, supply, demand, recovery and reuse to develop solutions that benefit the entire value chain. Together, we will commercialize cups that can make it from service counter to consumer and back through the recovery system for another valuable use.

NGOs, trade organizations, municipalities, academia and other critical players have an important role in this initiative. These stakeholders are key to creating links across the cup value chain to ensure NextGen advances solutions with positive environmental, social and economic impacts. Some of these partners are a part of the NextGen Advisory Council to guide our multi-year work.

Consortium Partners

The NextGen Consortium is the driving force behind NextGen Cup. Closed Loop Partners’ Center for the Circular Economy manages the Consortium. Founding partners Starbucks and McDonald’s lead the unprecedented pre-competitive collaboration amongst consumer brands committed to advancing food-service packaging solutions, including the hot and cold fiber cup. The Coca-Cola Company, Yum! Brands, Nestlé and Wendy’s are supporting partners. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) advises our strategy and all initiatives.


“WWF is excited to support and participate in comprehensive solutions that help tackle the world’s greatest challenges.”

Erin Simon, Director of Sustainability R&D and Material Science, WWF (NextGen Consortium advisor)

Consortium partners support NextGen Cup by:

Contributing supply chain, materials, retail and customer engagement expertise

Identifying solutions to global logistics and recovery infrastructure challenges

Judging Challenge finalists, mentoring Accelerator participants and piloting solutions


Value Chain Partners

Partnerships across the fiber-cup value chain are essential to ensuring valuable solutions. Currently, the recovery process for cups isn’t consistent across regions or financially viable for most recyclers, composters and manufacturers. NextGen brings together cup manufacturers and suppliers, material recovery facilities, composters and end-market customers to develop valuable solutions that meet different stakeholder and regional needs.


 Our value chain partners will help push the best solutions forward by

Identifying solutions to recovery infrastructure gaps and bottlenecks

Testing, analyzing and piloting solutions

Judging Challenge finalists, advising Accelerator participants and testing solutions


Challenge Judges

The Challenge Judges will provide expert feedback on the final submissions of shortlisted concepts that come out of the NextGen Cup Challenge.  They will convene in February, alongside Consortium Partners, to further review shortlisted submissions and help select top ideas. 

Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO

Nina Goodrich, Executive Director, GreenBlue and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Allen Langdon, President and CEO, Encorp Pacific Canada

Abe Minkara, Managing Director, Mark Cuban Companies

Sébastien Pellion, Director of Global Performance and Industrial Customers, Sustainable Development Department at SUEZ 

Dr. Susan Selke, Director, Michigan State University, School of Packaging

Scott Seydel, Board Chair and CEO, The Seydel Companies 

Erin Simon, Director, Sustainability R&D, WWF